Why does it matter ?

An end user is not concerned by the technology through which the software is developed. However, an organization implementing the software for their users should consider some points before choosing the technology


Because all software and user force utilizing it evolve with time.


Because everything is connected. So is software to other software, device or system.


Because no matter how expert a team is, there are still things they don't know. Communities and knowledge-bases offer access to a floating software engine.


Because at the time of disaster, support is a life-saving parachute.


A high level of training available for the technology ensures the future maintenance of the software is in strong hands.



Technologies we have adopted



  • Platform ubiquitous - Write once, run anywhere, in any device
  • Security - Considered one of the best security ingrained languages
  • Excellent performance
  • Dynamic & extensible programming
  • Internationalization - One of the biggest developer communities, and widest range of applications
  • Vast array of 3rd party libraries
  • Huge amount of documentation available
  • Large pool of developers available



Some Interesting Facts About JAVA

  • 1.1 billion desktops run Java
  • 930 million Java Runtime Environment downloads each year
  • 3 billion mobile phones run Java
  • 31 times more Java phones ship every year than Apple and Android combined
  • 100% of all Blu-ray players run Java
  • 1.4 billion Java cards are manufactured each year
  • Java powers set-top boxes, printers, games, car navigation systems, ATMs, lottery terminals, medical devices, parking payment stations, and more.


Microsoft .NET

Microsoft has been an integral part of businesses for a long enough time now to describe it.


Strengths over other open source stuff

Compare our technologies and services to other options on the market, and you’ll find that open source stuff:

  • Comes with no support
  • There’s nowhere to turn when disaster strikes
  • Your team is the highest knowledge tier
  • Training is an ad-hoc thing that must be undertaken by each team member
  • It may or may not be compatible with your other devices and systems


How customers benefit

Our customers benefit from our drive to provide the most flexibility, customization and personalization possible in intelligent software design and development. They benefit from our lean approach, which ensures affordability. Finally, they benefit from our unequaled excellence in product design. Isn’t it time your business enjoyed those benefits?