Energy / Power Industry...

Whether your company is dedicated to harnessing wind, solar or wave power and supplying renewable energy, or you’re focused on creating affordable energy through traditional methods, Enzyme is here to help.


We do...

Our custom-developed intelligent software solutions offer flexibility, robust operation and the results that you need. Innovation, customization and real-world experience in energy company needs – that’s what set us apart.


Expression of Gratification

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but we realize that we couldn’t have established Enzyme as the industry-leader without the loyalty of our customers in the energy sector – thank you.





Marine Industry..

We are very proud to serve the needs of marine businesses throughout India, and our newly expanded service areas in Singapore-Hong Kong, the Middle East, Western Europe and throughout North America.


We do...

Our custom business software provides the solutions today’s marine businesses require to upgrade and grow. Regardless of what niche your business occupies in the marine industry, Enzyme can help ensure that you have the software necessary to prosper.


Expression of Gratification

Like our customers in the energy sector, our marine sector clients have helped us establish ourselves as leaders in the industry. For that and their ongoing loyalty, we say thank you to our current and future clients.